Single Users

Our IP V-Call VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is ideal for a single user, small business or homeworker who wants to have a separate single line for their business but doesn’t want the increased cost of a standard landline. We provide an IP phone (internet phone) and a UK number of your choice which you just plug into your broadband and use as if it were a normal handset. 

  • Wide range of IP phones
  • Any UK area code or keep a current number
  • Take your service anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Low cost rental
  • Low cost IP calls
  • Simple control over diverts, answer services etc
  • Optional call packages

From only £5.00 per user, per month

You can even take your phone with you when you move or travel and your number will remain the same anywhere you go, even abroad. Without the number restrictions of a fixed line you could have a London number in Scotland or a Manchester number in Wales to give a specific UK presence.

More than just a single user?

A Hosted PBX (phone system) may be the solution for you. From our small 2-5 person PBX Lite up to our unlimited user Full PBX we offer a feature rich and low cost solution for handling your calls. Hosted on our secure servers and accessible from anywhere a hosted PBX cuts down the hardware in your office and offers excellent resiliency and mobility.

Read more about our Hosted PBX and SIP services.

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