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We can provide a range of Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to fit any size of organisation and meet any specific requirements. From a single user or small business using our low cost IP V-Call product right up to multi office systems with our hosted phone systems and SIP trunking options we have the best package for any size of organisation.

VoIP can offer:

  • Lower monthly rental prices
  • Low rate call tariffs
  • Take your numbers anywhere
  • Link multiple sites and multiple users with a single system
  • Added control over your service with a simple interface
  • Multiple simultaneous calls on a single internet connection
  • Clear and transparent pricing 
  • Simple contracts
  • Free on-line billing portal

With VoIP you can reduce costs as well as enjoy the increased flexibility and control of your telephone services. By using a suitable internet connection you can have multiple calls from multiple users across your internet with no line rental costs.

Also as VoIP is not fixed to a single location you can take your numbers anywhere meaning if you need to move around or ever use a London number in Scotland we can do it.

  • For a single user needing a separate number and IP Phone; ideal for working from home then you need our:
    IP V-Call
  • If you need multiple users and phone system features or have a phone system you wish to run over the internet then try our:
    Hosted PBX’s and SIP

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