My.Phone.Coop is our free, powerful online billing portal which allows you to manage your account in a wide variety of ways.

As well as a paper or email bill each month our secure online portal which allows you to view and download your invoices online in both PDF and CSV formats.

Online reports

Using your portal you can extract a range of reports to better understand your call patterns and see key areas of your usage. These reports include:

  • Spend per month
  • Daily Usage
  • Top dialled numbers
  • Highest spenders on usage
  • Zero usage
  • Low usage
  • Data usage

Stay in control of your usage

As well as useful reports you can also set up specific alerts to notify you when you are reaching usage or cost limits covering broadband, mobile and fixed line calls such as:

  • Percentage of bundle reached i.e. 80% of minutes have been used
  • Calls over a certain duration i.e a call over 10 minutes
  • Calls over a certain cost i.e a call costing over £10.00
  • Calls to a certain destination i.e. International

All the alerts above allow you to add in an email address for the automated alert to be sent to as soon as our system sees that a rule has been breached or a bundle allowance has reached it specified limit.

Helpful tutorials

To help you get the most of this service we have provided some helpful videos showing the key features above. Simply click the links below to start exploring how My.Phone.Coop can help you.

Logging in and viewing invoices
Viewing and downloading your calls
Setting up alerts
Routing your inbound numbers

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