Leased Lines & Ethernet

If you're looking to grow your network capacity and take advantage of high demand services such as VoIP, video-conferencing and cloud services, then a leased line, Ethernet circuit or LAN extension are ideal solutions.

A leased or private line is an always-on connection between two locations, delivered over fibre. This can be directly linking your office to the internet to a private link between locations (called a Point to Point). These services offer high SLA’s (Service Level Agreements), guaranteed speeds and a 1:1 uncontended circuit.

Ethernet circuits such as EFM (Ethernet First Mile) offer the same benefits such as guaranteed speeds, high SLA’s and uncontended traffic but these are delivered over bonded copper. This means they offer shorter installation times and lower rental costs by taking advantage of the existing telecom network infrastructure

These services offer

  • 99.9% Service Level Agreements
  • Dedicated and uncontended connection
  • 6-7 hour Fault to Fix
  • Guaranteed bandwidth from 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Unlimited usage with no hidden costs
  • Inclusive Static IP as standard
  • Fast expandability1 

1EFM speeds are restricted by the physical network and cannot be increased beyond what is provided, Leased Lines can be expanded dependent on the circuit chosen.

These connections are ideal for businesses that heavily rely on their internet services to keep them functioning and need maximum control and stability. For larger, multi-site organisations we can also provide full Wide Area Network solutions to securely link your data over multiple locations.

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