Business Fibre

The Co-operative Business Telecoms unlimited business fibre broadband services can help you keep up with the ever increasing need for faster internet speeds. Fibre optic internet is ideal for higher demand services such as hosted/cloud software, VPN/remote connections, streaming video, VoIP & Hosted telephony and large file transfer

Our high speed fibre broadband services can offer: 

Business fibre deals

Package  Fibre Unlimited  Fibre Unlimited+  Fibre Saver  Fibre saver+ 
 Unlimited Usage

 Inclusive Static IP

 Inclusive Line Rental

 Recommended for VoIP

 Guaranteed Speed

 Prioritised Traffic*

 Max Download Speed  40Mbps 80Mbps  40Mbps  80Mbps 
 Max Upload Speed  10Mbps 20Mbps  10Mbps  20Mbps 
 Monthly Cost  £31.00 £36.00  £38.00  £44.50 
*Prioritised traffic shaping is managed on our supplier’s network to enable more stable speeds during busy usage periods.
“One off connection charges will also apply on all new Fibre products”.


Managing a large network?

If your organisation requires even more stability in its network or requires secure multi-site connectivity then our Ethernet and MPLS/VPLS services will be the right fit for you. For synchronous speeds of up to 1Gbps and fully managed networks try our Leased Lines and Ethernet and Wide Area Networks.

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