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My telephone line is not working

Line faults can be caused by a variety of factors such as damage to your copper line, outages at your exchange, weather conditions or problems with your internal hardware/wiring. We are able to do full line checks to test for network faults and book an engineer visit if required. Openreach will repair faults up to your master socket but are not able to fix anything within your property and will ultimately raise a charge if the fault is found beyond their area of responsibility.
In order to minimise any call out charges we request you do the following checks below to see if this will resolve the problem. Should the issue remain, call our business team on 01608 434 070 for further assistance.

PDF icon Download testing your Master socket (Business).

PDF icon Download testing your ISDN2e.

PDF icon Download testing your ISDN30e.

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How do I report a fault?

If you have done the required checks and you still have a problem with your line then simply contact our business services team on 01608 434 070 and we can do checks on the network and book an engineer if required.
When reporting a fault please have the following information:

  • Your account name and/or number
  • The telephone number of the line effected
  • Details of the fault (i.e. No dial tone) and any messages on the line (i.e. This number is temporarily out of service)

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How long will my line fault take to fix?

Line fault repair times are fully dependent on your lines care level. These care levels are provided and adhered to by Openreach and are the same for every supplier. Sometimes there are major faults that are excluded from these standard care levels and are declared as “Matters beyond our Reasonable Control” or “Common Faults”. In these circumstances the usual repair times are not applicable and Openreach will endeavour to repair them as quickly as circumstances will allow. If you are unsure which care level your line is on or wish to change it give us a call and we will be able to make the change for you.

A full breakdown of the care levels provided by Openreach is in the document below:

PDF icon Download care Levels.

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