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How do I set up my router?

If you have purchased your router from us then it will be preconfigured for your service and ready for plug and play (excluding the Draytek 2830 model). We have also included a helpful guide below to guide you through connecting it up.

PDF icons Download Router Setup.

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If you did not supply my equipment, how do I contact the manufacturer?

Below is a list of the technical support numbers and web addresses for some of the most popular router manufacturers.

  Web address Phone number
Belkin 0845 607 7787
D-Link 0871 873 3000
Draytek 0870 285 8550
Linksys 0800 026 1418
Netgear 0844 875 4000
ZyXel 0845 122 0301

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There are no lights on my router

This means there is no power.

  • Check you are using the correct power adapter supplied with the router.
  • Make sure the power adapter is properly connected to the router.
  • Make sure the power adapter is connected to a functioning power supply.
  • If the router is still not functioning, please call our Business support team on 01608 434 070 to arrange a replacement.

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The internet/DSL light is off/flashing

If the broadband light is off completely or flashing this indicates that the router is not picking up a broadband connection signal.

  • Check that you have everything plugged in correctly into the correct socket, if you are unsure on how to do this, please check the router set up page.
  • Remove all other equipment from all your telephone sockets (this includes your telephone) leaving only the router plugged into the ADSL filter. Turn the router off and back on and wait a couple of minutes.
  • Replace the ADSL filter with a new one and turn the router of and on and wait a couple of minutes.
  • If after these basic checks you are still unable to gain a solid broadband light, please contact our Business support team on 01608 434 070.

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The internet/DSL light is blinking Red

If the power light, broadband light and the Ethernet light are lit, but the internet light is blinking RED, this means that your router may attempt to connect with the incorrect ISP username and password. Please contact our Business support team on 01608 434 070 to confirm you have the correct details.

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The Ethernet light is not lit

This would indicate that there is a problem with the hardware connection between the router and your computer.

  • Make sure the cable connectors are securely plugged in at the modem and computer.
  • Make sure the computer is powered up.
    Please note, if you are using wireless and don't have a cable connected between the router and your computer this light will not come on.

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A “Dial-up connection” box keeps appearing

Ensure your internet connection is set to 'never dial a connection'. To do this using Internet Explorer click the 'tools' menu, then click 'Internet options', then click the 'connections' tab. In the box named 'Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings' the 'never dial a connection' option must be selected.

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I cannot connect to the web

Try to "power cycle" your router which is basically turning it off and on again. This often solves many connection problems by forcing a reset of all the connection points in the network.
Shut down your computer and then switch off your router. Wait 30 seconds before switching the router on again. Wait another 30 seconds and then reboot your computer. You should then be able to connect.

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My broadband is slow

Broadband is not a guaranteed service and all sorts of things can affect its speed, from the length of the line, to weather conditions, external signal interference and the number using the connection.
If your connection seems particularly slow we have provided a document below with some helpful information and some things which may increase it:

PDF icons Download Broadband Speed Information.

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How do I report any other problem with my broadband?

If you are having any other issues at all we are here to help, simply give us a call on 01608 434 055 and talk to one of our dedicated tech support teams. When calling us we request you have the following information ready so we can help resolve your problem as quickly as possible:

  • Your account name and/or number
  • The broadband telephone number on which you have the problem
  • A brief description of the issues you are experiencing
  • The make/model of your router (if known)

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