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The Plunkett Foundation have formed a partnership with The Co-operative Business Telecoms to offer you a great deal on all your communications needs including phone calls, line rental, broadband, phone systems, teleconferencing and mobile. Whether you are a small community co-operative or a larger organisation we will keep you connected.

We provide telecommunications services to co-operatives, charities and social enterprises. We are the UK’s only provider which is owned and run by its customers. While other businesses focus on the pursuit of profits at all costs, we think about our impact on the world and how we can make it a better place while still giving our customers the best possible service.

We are the UK's only co-operative telecoms provider and one of the very few organisations in the telecoms sector to hold the Social Enterprise Mark. Owned by our customers and democratically structured we are dedicated to making sure our customers get the best service at the best price.

If you would like to hear more about how we can help your community co-operative, please contact us on 01608 434 730 quoting your unique Plunkett Membership Reference Number.

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